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Case Study: Mental Health Match

Mental Health Match came to the Like Minds team with the ultimate goal of getting in front of mental health practitioners in the Houston area in order to prepare for phase two, or the consumer-facing portion, of its launch.

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Launch a brand new app in a unique marketplace of users, targeting both uninformed patients and uninvolved practitioners.

Phase one of Mental Health Match's launch was focused on Houston-area mental health practitioners first, followed by potential patients.

The largest priority was ensuring as many therapists as possible joined the site so that when patients signed up they would have a plethora of options for matches.

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Build community by recruiting practitioners via branded content marketing and media relations campaign and encouraging patient sign-ups through posting in targeted Facebook groups and compelling influencer and media content.


In addition to nearly 4 million impressions thanks to media and influencer relations results, we also exceeded our own goals and those of our client for visits to the Mental Health Match website from our efforts.

Check out our media and influencer relations results during the phase one launch campaign period:

Of course, most importantly, we assisted the client in reaching more than 100 therapists and nearly 450 Houstonians in need of mental health support.

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