Media Relations Boost


Our clients benefit from our comprehensive, bespoke and effective strategies and related execution. Our standards are high and our outcomes consistent. How do we do this? Meaningful and high-touch relationships with clients, media members, influencers and community partners. We pride ourselves in immersing ourselves in our clients’ worlds and serving as true partners to them.

While we believe in this high-touch approach, we also recognize that budgets do not always make an agency partnership possible. As such, we offer Media Relations Boost, specifically designed for nonprofit organizations, mental health practitioners and small businesses with small teams or lay leadership at the helm.

Starting at $1,500/month, our Media Relations Boost clients benefit from our consistent conversations, brainstorming sessions and ongoing pitching to and with media members. While a bit lower touch than what our full-service clients have come to know and love, our Boost clients can expect 10 or so hours a month and a status tracker that is updated at least once a week along with monthly meetings.

While we can never guarantee coverage, our goal is to secure stories and future opportunities with media.

We also connect you to our larger client and partner network when and if we feel relationships would be mutually beneficial and monitor and share relevant award opportunities available through media outlets.

This is a great “starter” option or effective for brand lift without a major commitment from your internal team.

Interested in exploring this type of relationship?