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Hello friends and future friends and thanks for visiting my website! If you haven’t already taken the time to browse the site and learn more about Like Minds and our work, I hope you will. Until then, you can count on this page and my Instagram account (@likemindstalk) to keep you in the know on what I’m working on day in and day out! I hope to upload content about what inspires me, my clients that are making a difference in their communities and the work that we’re doing together, what I’m watching in the communications industry and more.

Before getting into the nitty gritty of client campaigns, I’d love to share how I stay inspired as a full-time team of one! Perhaps you’ll find what I’ve included below to inspire you in your daily work, as well.

Podcasts: Up First and The H

With media relations making up a large part of my service offerings, it’s hugely important that I know what’s going on not only in the world, but in my own backyard! While I try to watch, read and listen to as much local and national news, as possible, I rely on NPR’s Up First podcast to give me a brief overview of the news that matters for the day. Houston Transplant, Luke Brawner’s “The H” is “a podcast about the people and places that make Houston Houston.” As a proud Houstonian, I love hearing about some of the unique people that contribute to our diverse city...and one day I’m hoping to hear one of my clients share its story with Brawner.


Soaking up Women Brain Power

As a woman-owned business, I am constantly amazed by and inspired by other women who are making waves within their own industries and personal lives. I try to spend as much time as possible soaking up the brain power of talented women around me. Whether it’s my all girls’ monthly book club made up of some of my awesome lady friends and where we read books written by women, my involvement in Girls Empowerment Network’s annual We Are Girls conference, reading blogs written by and for women like The Every Girl, Cup of Charisma and Brene Brown’s blog or working with so many awesome woman-owned or woman-run clientele and partners (shout out to the fierce ladies of BigCheese.TV, Camp Lantern Creek, CompuCycle, Integrate Agency, LIMB, The Living Bank, Miraculum and so many others), I find endless inspiration in building and learning from a growing tribe of women!

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Changing the Scenery

While I absolutely love my office, which features a custom-built desk that my husband built for me, I often find that a change of scenery keeps my mind fresh. I have a few go-to coffee shops where I know my mind thrives, including Slowpokes, Kraftsmen Baking, Boomtown Coffee and Empire Café, but I’m always on the lookout for new spaces and places. This also includes taking my work on the road. I don’t shy away from the opportunity to work while on vacation, because sometimes a great glass of wine and a beach or mountain view is the perfect jolt my brain needs!

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Mission-Driven Work

While it may sound cliché, I truly work with clients whose work I believe in and that make an impact in the work that they do or the services they provide. It’s part of my mission to work with clients that also fulfill their unique missions. It’s easy to feel inspired when I’m constantly in awe of the impact that my clients make.

I’d love to learn about what inspires you!

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