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My Internship Experience

In my past month interning at Like Minds, everything has been a new experience for me. Because I’ve never held a position similar to this before, it has been enlightening, in all aspects, to see how this agency is run.

Specifically, I was surprised to see all of the work that goes into supporting Like Minds’ many clients. While researching for my case study blog posts, I dove into the challenges, strategies, statistics for project results, media coverage and other information that encapsulated Like Minds’ process for supporting their clients. Beforehand, I don’t think I’ve ever realized the true preparation and work necessary to secure sponsorships, news coverage and social media promotion for various events.

Aside from researching, my internship allowed me to see this agency’s creativity and strategic skills in action, through sitting in on brainstorming sessions. I engaged in discussions of possible client events, social media strategy and client branding, all of which embodied sticking to a client’s mission and goals as well as current social trends.

Lastly, I was given multiple opportunities throughout this internship to actually play a part in the advertisement of Like Minds and their clients on social media. I created Instagram Stories, Reels and posts for multiple clients’ and Like Minds’ accounts. Again, because I’ve never partaken in a role like this one, it was truly impactful to see my contributions to the holistic work of the agency.

I believe that I am completing this internship with a far deeper understanding and appreciation of the media and public relations world. I’m so grateful for this opportunity Like Minds has offered me and am so excited to watch as they continue to accomplish great things!