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ABCs of Mission-Driven Marketing: K-O

Welcome back to another installment of The ABCs of Mission Driven* Marketing. Are you keeping up?

Still have questions? Drop us a line and we’ll be more than happy to serve as your friendly marketing and communications translation team!

*For the purposes of this blog, we use the terms mission-driven organization, social enterprise and nonprofit organization interchangeably. There are important structural differences between them, but all are characterized by a commitment to social good.



Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the bread and butter of evaluating a marketing strategy’s success. These measurements are quantifiable and measure the effectiveness of your strategy. It’s important to note that KPIs differ from other milestones in that KPIs monitor overall strategy performance versus smaller service line performances.

For example, if you hope to increase sales, you may offer to run a social media campaign and include a coupon code for potential customers to use. You may measure how many people engage with your posts, but the KPI is the overall sales made from that campaign.



LinkedIn is the social media platform for professionals! Think Facebook, but focused solely on work and professional development. LinkedIn is a FANTASTIC and, arguably, necessary platform for working professionals, marketing or not. Not only can you connect with other professionals, apply for jobs and share career milestones, but you can also learn from industry leaders and brush up on your skills with LinkedIn Learning.

We work with clients to ensure their organizations are top of mind and curating relevant content through LinkedIn Business pages. Interested in learning more about how we can help you through professional LinkedIn trainings or consistent management of your company’s page? Reach out!


Media Relations

Ever wonder how businesses and organizations get their stories in the news? It’s the magic of media relations. The core of a successful media relations strategy is your relationship with journalists, as they are the ones writing your story and positioning you in front of their readers, listeners or viewers. The process of media relations typically involves:

1. Creating and nourishing relationships with various journalists;

2. Developing or determining a story you want to share;

3. Writing a pitch or press release for the story;

4. Sending said pitch or press release to the appropriate journalists;

5. Your journalist contact(s) is hooked and you work with them on an interview or to share additional information!

6. Look! You’re in the news! You look great!



What’s going on? Check your newsfeed. A newsfeed is a constantly updated stream of content typically tailored to your interests. Facebook consistently changes its algorithms to ensure your individual “feed” is tailored to your interests, friends and what’s “trending.”



Outdoor refers to anything that is posted in outside spaces for the public to consume. This can mean billboards, car wraps and, even, experiential activations. These tend to be more tangible and are more direct. What outdoor advertising tactics have impacted your purchasing decisions?

Hungry for more? Stay tuned for the next installment of The ABCs of Mission-Driven Marketing! See you next time!