May Moments

Our team has been hard at work positioning our mission-driven clients in front of media, influencers and the community at large. In fact, the last few months ushered in some of the most impactful results for many of our clients!

Take a look at each of our team members' favorite campaigns, projects or wins from May and let us know what you think!

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Bianka's Favorite Moment:

We loved working with our local FOX affiliate to help Houston-area brothers find their forever family with a day of full-fledged fun at Color Factory.

"My favorite project this past month was the FOX Finding Families segment. Foster children hold a huge place in my heart, and it was so fun to see the boys light up and ONLY focus on having fun for a little bit." - Bianka Curvey

Service lines utilized: media relations + community relations

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Jenny's Favorite Moment:

Our team is used to working with members of the media to amplify our clients' missions but it's very rare that we get to shine a spotlight right back on reporters.

"Earlier this quarter, our team worked with client, Family Houston, to approach the absolutely wonderful Khambrel Marshall of KPRC to be the honoree at its annual luncheon. It was so much fun to surprise Khambrel in this way as we typically work with him to serve as emcee at fundraising events. We know how deserving Khambrel is and just how much he does to raise awareness for Houston non-profit organizations like Family Houston. The icing on the cake? We shocked Khambrel by working with the City of Houston to declare the day City-wide Khambrel Marshall Day!" - Jenny Gustafson

Service lines utilized: media relations + community relations

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Julia's Favorite Moment:

While our team successfully secured multiple stories for DACAMERA's "Unearthed," a feature story in Houston Chronicle's ZEST section topped Julia's list!

"My favorite story that published in May was the Houston Chronicle feature for 'Unearthed.' This was such a special production with so much meaning. I'm glad I was part of helping to spread the word about the piece." - Julia Bernstein

Service line utilized: media relations

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Larisa's Favorite Moment:

"I was so proud of this piece as we LOVE working with the 'Houston Life' team and it was fantastic to see Dig World being recognized for its commitment to inclusivity." - Larisa Ivy

Service line utilized: media relations

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Nici's Favorite Moment:

"The DFJ Mother’s Day campaign was my favorite for personal reasons due to being an expecting, first-time mom this year and for professional reasons of getting to utilize multiple strategic marketing efforts to amplify a holiday that is important for the client's industry. With the use of a social media giveaway we garnered interest from current customers and reached new customers. Plus, got to treat a mom to an amazing fine jewelry gift. With the use of a complimentary gift with purchase for Mother’s Day, we enticed current and potential new customers with why purchasing a fine jewelry for this holiday was beneficial and showcased the client's appreciation for their community." - Nici Wright

Service lines utilized: email marketing + social media

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Sylvia's Favorite Moment:

Mother's Day is MAJOR for our client, Dubin's Fine Jewelry. This year, we not only hosted a giveaway (see Nici's favorite moment above!) but we also worked with the client to offer an incentive to customers who made purchases of $1,000 or more.

"The Mama Bear necklace is so cute...we incentivized getting a Mother’s Day gift by providing a heartfelt ‘something extra’ just for the Mama Bears in our lives!" - Sylvia Morgese

Service lines utilized: email marketing + social media


Tania's Favorite Moment

"I loved the LinkedIn Fireside Chat with Tom Hoffman and Dr. Josh Samuels from Camp For All since both were extremely passionate about feeding the Camp participants. You could genuinely tell how proud they were of their improvements and strategies to best serve and support their campers! It is such a great organization and everyone involved is truly committed to their success. Love Camp for All!" - Tania Diaz

Service lines utilized: community relations + social media

Thanks for supporting our clients and our work for them. We can't wait to share our June favorites with you next month!