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August Moments

August was another one for the books! While the temperatures may not agree, we cannot believe summer has come and gone. Check out what lit our team members up in August!

Bianka's Favorite Moment:

We hope she's not just buttering us up, but Bianka's favorite moment sure made our hearts melt!

“My favorite part of the month was our onboarding and tour of Stages. Getting 1:1 time with Larisa and Jenny plus living out my dreams of performing on stage. 10/10." - Bianka Curvey

Service lines utilized: strategy development

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Jenny's Favorite Moment:

“We've recently welcomed several new clients to the Like Minds family and I LOVED presenting our digital strategy to the Houston Wildcatters team! If you aren't already, be sure to follow along.” - Jenny Gustafson

Service lines utilized: Strategy development & consultation, social media

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Julia's Favorite Moment:

Julia's media relations efforts resulted in several media hits for an event benefiting our client, ReelAbilities Houston!

“David and Sashi on Houston Life and KPRC 2+ News Today!!" - Julia Bernstein

Service line utilized: media relations

Kennedy's Favorite Moment:

“I enjoyed working on strategy for Partum. I learned a lot while researching them and their competitors. Can't wait to see how we'll support this client. ” - Kennedy Garrison (Communications Apprentice)

Service line utilized: strategy development


Larisa's Favorite Moment:

“I was thrilled to see Angela from Fresh Arts be named a Houston Business Journal "Women Who Means Business" after our team nominated her!” - Larisa Ivy

Service line utilized: community relations

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Sylvia's Favorite Moment:

“My favorite August moments were capturing content at Houston Met Dance! I loved watching the teachers and students in action and I am excited to be working with them!”- Sylvia Morgese

Service line utilized: social media


Tania's Favorite Moment

It's not all client work around here. This month, we took time to work on our individual and team strengths using the "Kolbe" framework.

“I loved our Kolbe session! It was great to see how we work together and the strategies to consider as we complete projects!” - Tania Diaz

Thanks for reading about another successful month at Like Minds! We are so excited to see what results we bring in this month and beyond.