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July Moments

In a busy but rewarding month at Like Minds, our team members have secured beneficial features, awards and content for our clients. We are so excited to share some of these moments with you!

Bianka's Favorite Moment:

We love finding opportunities to promote our clients on TV. That’s why it was especially exciting to do that for two clients in one morning!

“My favorite moment was getting to share my morning with Caleb Britt of KBTX to experience two of our clients, Dig World and Color Factory. Not only did I get to share our family-friendly clients with the city of Bryan, TX, but I was able to build a great relationship with a stellar reporter. The highlights of the morning would have to be watching the sunrise over a Dig World excavator and watching Tina Malhotra (Color Factory CEO) play in the ball pit with Caleb.” - Bianka Curvey

Service lines utilized: media relations

Jenny's Favorite Moment:

“While it's always meaningful to actually secure media stories for our clients, ensuring they represent their organizations beautifully is just as important. I absolutely love facilitating media trainings with clients. In July, I was able to lead a virtual media training for a commercial real estate client! Interested in media training for your team? Let's talk!” - Jenny Gustafson

Service lines utilized: Strategy development & consultation

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Julia's Favorite Moment:

Similar to Bianka and Larisa’s favorite moments, Julia loved supporting our client, Camp For All, with publicity on TV.

“My favorite July moment was spending time at Camp For All during Camp Champions. The campers were so excited to have KAGS reporter Jordan Adams there to capture fun moments on camera. Whether they were horseback riding, fishing, or practicing archery, the campers had the biggest smiles on their faces!” - Julia Bernstein

Service line utilized: media relations

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Larisa's Favorite Moment:

“My favorite July moment was waking up early to visit KHOU for a "Great Day Houston" episode featuring one of DACAMERA'S Young Artists, Jalen Baker. It was so fun getting to see the vibraphone in action and I can't wait to see him next at DACAMERA's Houston SUMMERJAZZ on August 17 at the Wortham Theater Center.” - Larisa Ivy

Service line utilized: media relations

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Kennedy's Favorite Moment:

“My favorite moment from July was visiting Color Factory Houston. This was not only my first time visiting Color Factory, but it was also my first time working with social media influencers. Everyone was super nice and I learned a lot from Bianka, who guided me through the entire process. I really connected with my inner child when going through each room. I will definitely be returning with some friends and this time I will be sure to dive into the ball pit.” - Kennedy Garrison (Communications Apprentice)

Service line utilized: influencer relations

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Sylvia's Favorite Moment:

In order to accurately represent our clients in the media, we value taking the time to better understand their work and the content they wish to share.

“My favorite July moment was our visit to Dubin's Fine Jewelry for capturing content. Kennedy and I got our nails done and spent the morning trying on beautiful pieces in the showroom and learning all about diamonds and gemstones. We got great educational and engaging photos and videos to include in upcoming social media posts.”- Sylvia Morgese

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Nina's Favorite Moment:

“My favorite moment of July was starting as an intern at Like Minds. I’ve never held a position like this before, so it has been very exciting and eye-opening to see what kind of work goes into promoting and representing clients!” - Nina Cushman

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Shannon's Favorite Moment:

“My favorite moment from July was collaborating with Dessert Gallery to create a fun Shark Week instagram Reel! It was really fun to make and exciting to get in on the digital action as an intern.” - Shannon (Summer Intern)

Service lines utilized: social media

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Tania's Favorite Moment

“I loved that Dubin's Fine Jewelry won Houston Chronicle's Best of the Best Jewelry Store! I love all their jewelry posts!” - Tania Diaz

Service lines utilized: Email marketing + social media

Thanks for reading about another successful month at Like Minds! We are so excited to see what the rest of August has in store.