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June Moments

So far this summer, our team has found success in all aspects: internally, through team-building and development, and externally, through strategizing with and advancing our clients in the media and digital spaces.

Check out each team member’s favorite moment(s) of June to learn more about how we help our clients to flourish as we continue to grow as a company ourselves!

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Bianka's Favorite Moment:

“My favorite project for June was the Dessert Gallery Pride Month menu fundraiser. It was enjoyable to share Dessert Gallery's long-standing support to the LGBTQIA+ community this Pride Month. Not only did I get to learn about the bakery's history with the community, but also the CEO's personal ties and efforts as an ally.” - Bianka Curvey

Service lines utilized: media relations + community relations

Jenny's Favorite Moment:

“I love being able to get together with clients and share our strategic plans for the next quarter (or half-year) with them. At the end of June, we had the pleasure of doing just that for two clients in one day. We met with our long-time client, Camp For All, to present our end of year strategy and got back together with the ReelAbilities Houston team to kick-off this year's festival season and begin planning for all that's to come!” - Jenny Gustafson

Service lines utilized: Strategy development, media relations, community relations, social media, email marketing

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Julia's Favorite Moment:

“My favorite project for June was working with Katherine Whaley to encourage Houston families to visit Dig World for Father's Day. I loved seeing the fun content she created to promote this cool idea.” - Julia Bernstein

Service line utilized: Influencer relations

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Larisa's Favorite Moment:

“I have two favorite moments for the month of June. Firstly, our team secured Dig World’s CEO, Jacob Robinson, a Houston Business Journal’s "Most Admired CEO" award. I was thrilled to see Jacob recognized for his entrepreneurial spirit and creativity to bring Dig World to life.” - Larisa Ivy

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In addition to finding promotion through journalism for our clients, we also strive to secure publicity through live television, like we did with Color Factory.

“Secondly, CW39's Maggie Flecknoe visited the Color Factory and enjoyed the new silent disco room, ‘A Royal (Disco) Ball.’ Loved reconnecting with Maggie to bring the magic of Color Factory to CW39 viewers!” - Larisa Ivy

Service lines utilized: Media relations, Community relations

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Sylvia's Favorite Moment:

“My favorite moment was our offsite work day at Sesh Coworking on 6/21. We spent the day team-building and discussing the future of Like Minds. I loved getting to know everyone a little better and spending some time in a different setting for the day. I am a yoga instructor and got to teach a class to everyone to start things off! Yoga is a big part of my life and it was special getting to share it with the team.” - Sylvia Morgese

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Tania's Favorite Moment

“During June I love how colorful and supportive Dessert Gallery is and how they stay active in the community!” - Tania Diaz

Service lines utilized: Media relations + social media

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While we love supporting our mission-driven clients, we value balance and find it important to take time away from the office to bond with one another! This June, we took a trip to see a Stages performance of “Drag Wonderettes” and all participated in a yoga session together to kick off our biannual offsite meeting!

“I loved our outing to Stages for the Drag Wonderettes! Had such a fun time with the team!” - Tania Diaz

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“Plus our offsite at Sesh as well! Yoga was challenging but felt great afterwards! Loved their Hall of Hou, featuring our very own team member, Bianka! Super cool!” - Tania Diaz

Hope you enjoyed hearing about our favorite June moments; stay tuned for next month’s moments!