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September Moments

Happy "fall" y'all! It's officially "busy season" in the world of impact marketing and our team has risen to the challenge. Take a look at some of our favorite moments from September and stick around to see what we're up to the remainder of this year!

Bianka's favorite moment

We worked with client, Color Factory, to feature a Beyoncé-centered playlist in its silent disco room.

“My favorite part of September was all of the Beyoncé playlist coverage we secured for Color Factory. I was able to have staff step in as spokespeople throughout the month and it was awesome! Check out the true superstar of every interview." - Bianka Curvey

Service lines utilized: Media relations and influencer relations


Jenny's Favorite Moment:

“As a former "Leaguer," kicking off with Junior League of Houston was extra special for me. Its Opening Style Show featuring David Peck was a blast and I can't wait to see what post-event coverage our team secures. Plus, while there, we ran into Congresswoman (and Houston Mayoral candidate) Sheila Jackson Lee and snapped a photo with her.” - Jenny Gustafson

Service lines utilized: Media relations


Julia's Favorite Moment:

Julia absolutely crushed it, securing several stories for our client ReelAbilities.

“My favorite memory from September was attending David Harris Presents: An Evening of Original Jazz which benefited our client ReelAbilities Houston. It was awesome to see a full house for the concert!" - Julia Bernstein

Service line utilized: Media relations

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Kennedy's Favorite Moment:

“My favorite memory was the Color Factory HAUNTED HUES event. Seeing everyone in their costumes really put me in the fall spirit. ” - Kennedy Garrison (Communications Apprentice)

Service line utilized: Strategy development

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Larisa's Favorite Moment:

“My favorite memory was seeing "POTUS" at Stages and kicking off with Galveston Bay Foundation! I also loved seeing Bianka's work securing coverage with ABC13 for Stages' Table to Stage initiative.”

- Larisa Ivy

Service line utilized: Strategy development

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Sylvia's Favorite Moment:

In addition to our media relations efforts, our team manages DACAMERA's social media strategy. Sylvia was on site to ensure we live posted and built enthusiasm for the first event of the season.

“My favorite moment was attending the DACAMERA 23-24 season opening night!”- Sylvia Morgese

Service line utilized: Social media

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Tania's Favorite Moment

“I enjoyed our Lovescaping session with team members on September 7th! It was a great reminder that we humans have more things in common than we realize!” - Tania Diaz

Service line utilized: Strategy development

We welcomed new clients, celebrated team member anniversaries and ushered in result after result for our clients in September. October is already shaping up to be equally as fantastic. Keep up wiht us